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Pit Bull Advocacy

What is Alamo City Bull Breeds United?

Alamo City Bull Breeds United in San Antonio is not in the business of rescue...we are in the business of keeping Pit Bullsand Pit Bull mixes in their current homes and out of shelters and rescues. Did you know that because of their reputation Pit Bulls are one of the hardest breeds to find homes for especially adults; add to that a dog that has 'issues' and it is a recipe for a dog that is unlikely to be adopted and will die in the shelter or become institutionalized in a rescue.  

Read more about how we assist in keeping dogs in their homes in our About Us section.


If you are looking for truthful information about Pit Bulls you will find it here. We are brutally honest about their history, their temperament, the realities of rehoming and rescue as well as the joy they bring their owners. Please take the time to read our entire website; you will find it is chock full of useful breed info.  

We encourage those interested in the breed to do their research before buying or adopting a Pit Bull. You may discover they aren't the breed for you.  We at Alamo City Bull Breeds United love our dogs and firmly believe that Pit Bulls make great pets; but at the same time they aren't the breed for everyone.

​*Please NOTE that throughout this website we use the term "Pit Bull" even though we are in fact talking about the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT). The use of the term "Pit Bull" is because it is the common name most people know the breed by and is far easier to type than American Pit Bull Terrier :-). You can find a list of breed common terms here.